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Direct deliveries of bipolar and monopolar surgical instruments, accessories for electrosurgery and minimally invasive access, devices for evacuation of organs and tissues, equipment and devices for pre-sterilization cleaning of instruments.

Biodecontamination with GMP hydrogen peroxide vapor

Supply, installation, and maintenance of GMP bio-decontamination systems and solutions using the unique hydrogen peroxide vapor technology to disinfect premises of various sizes and purposes and create an aseptic environment for pharmaceutical industries and medical laboratories.


A wide range of high-quality disinfectants, antiseptic products, and care and hygiene products for medical personnel and beauty industry staff that are developed and produced in house.

Packaging for sterilization

Reliable combined packaging materials produced in house for comprehensive and high-quality sterilization of medical instruments and accessories, clothing and consumables, as well as for their further protection from contamination.
Excellent product quality since 2008
BOZON is a supplier of comprehensive solutions for surgery and the first Russian producer of disinfectants and medical consumables of own development.
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in 40 cities
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